Hello everyone, I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted on this blog since the genetic roulette assignment and that was in the Summer! I’ve been going to school since August and I’ve been on my other blog a lot more than this one, and so this is a message to you all to come and visit me there because I will be transfering all the posts written here over there, below you will find the link. Please Click and come leave some comments on the posts you like, and have feedback for ^_^

Random Cases of Nothing

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Genetic Roulette

We played Genetic Roulette and class and I was assigned: Genius. My son/daughter will grow up to be a genius. Here is my small essay response. Comment on whether you agree or disagree with me.

My child will most likely grow up to be a genius.” they said. It meant that I would have a lot to think about when it came to raising my child. I would need to invest in schools, and brainier toys than the ones I had originally considered.

In the article, 15 Signs You’ll Raise a Genius by Anneli Rufus, it says “‘Language is crucial to children’s learning and the language they get from the television is not tailored to their individual needs.'” and I agree which is why I never planned on having a television in my household until later on in life, and even then it would be monitored T.V. time. Knowing my child’s genetic fate before hand will ultimately not affect the way I parent. Yes, every now and then I will be facing different problems than another parent with a normal child. The only thing that I would have to change would be the private school; to one that can keep up with my child mentally, socially and emotionally.

The support groups that I could join if I ever needed to is a MENSA group, and I could find other parents whose children were in the same category as mine. Which would help to set up play dates, because it may or may not be difficult for my child to get along with other children because of their giftedness. It will make them upset when they’re trying to explain something and no one understands them. Kids need kids their own age, they can’t keep spending time with adults when they’re young. The American MENSA support group helps with it.

The way I would raise my child would be the exact same way I would raise any other children. In the article, How to Raise a Genius by Nicholas Wienstock, he gives tips on what not to do, and what to do. The first tip he gives says to not over structure the child’s life and I understand that. There will be some routine but I wouldn’t make it an extremely strict one. I understand that children need to breathe too. The second tip says to provide as many learning opportunities as possible, and I would. It also says to not label your child a genius, or expect them to be popular. Which is normal for all children, some kids like each other because they share the same favorite color. It’s normal. I’ll be happy as long as my child has at least one good friend. The last thing he lists is to not sacrifice “educational” upbringing to give your child a “normal” upbringing which to my mind is not even an option in any child’s life. Education is everywhere so there is no reason to try to cut it out of their life from the beginning. Children need to learn to grow, even gifted children.

I would bring them to a school that supported them academically. I had already planned on sending my child to a private school, the only difference in knowing that they are going to become a genius in the future is that the school would be one for the gifted. I would purchase toys that helped them not become bored, and spend time with them playing and listening. In my opinion, I wouldn’t need to sacrifice anything, but if I need to take out a second mortgage or anything to help my child pay for school I would definitely do it to help my child succeed in their life. It would be my duty as a parent.

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True Boredom

I have been thinking of what to write for days now. I’ve been writing another book lately so I’ve really been busy on Wattpad.

Profile link; http://www.wattpad.com/user/augustyne

I have seriously been bored out of my mind since school ended back on the 14th. I’m waiting for my summer class to start on June 18th. I hope I get an A or B.

I’m usually good at these types of classes, child development & psychology are my best subjects.

I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy because my mama made me and I really can’t just watch one episode of any season.

I also uploaded a mini-haul onto the channel. Can you tell I’m bored?

~Augustyne A. Analise

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions page for my Blog, Website & Etsy. I will be updating with questions people & customers give to me. Here is the list so far, if you have more to add click on the website link or leave a comment!


1) Where did the name “Augustyne” originate?
I came up with the name Augustyne because I am born in August, my favorite saint is; St. Augustine. I went to St. Augustine Catholic school. So, in my opinion the name was following me, so why not use it to my advantage?

2) How did you get started with Polymer Clay?
I had already been watching kids on Youtube make things and on my birthday decided to buy some clay to make my own creations. I started making things the next day: 8/5/11 and made my facebook page a few months later.

3) Will you ever make tutorials?
Yes, my youtube channel will be called: Augustyne.

4) What are the top 5 tools you recommend?
I recommend having needle nose pliers, cutters, an X-Acto Knife, Gloss Glaze, an Oven (of course =] ). Clay and TLS (but you don’t need that right away, I will have another post saying the things you should/could use)

5) Do you make SILVER jewelry?
I’m working on it.

6) Where do you find the “Featured Videos” ?
I roam youtube and look through my subscriptions.

7) I think I’ve seen you online before, what versions of Augustyne are you?
You probably have, I use:
– Augustyne Analise
– Augustyne Rain
– Augustyne Dream
– Aliaugus
– If I remember the rest I will add them 🙂

8) What other hobbies do you have?/What else do you do?
I am a college student, so I try to study a lot. I also write poetry, stories, books. I like to read A LOT. (Recommend books to me!) I draw, and do commissions. [etc]

9) How old are you?
I am 19 turning 20 on August 4th 2012.

10) What are your OFFICIAL links?
• Etsy: http://augustyneswish.etsy.com
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PollyAlli
• Roleplayer.me: http://roleplayer.me/augustyne
• Youtube: N/A for this yet. Ask me for the OLD ONE.
• Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AugustyneDream
• Website: http://www.augustyneswish.com
• Formspring: N/A yet.
•EMAIL: augustyne@artlover.com
• Email: augustyneswish@gmail.com
–I do have other email accounts but they’re for personal use only–
•DeviantArt: http://augustyne.deviantart.com

(More Links to be added)
More Questions to be asked & posted.


Send Questions: Augustyne@artlover.com


Hey Guys! I’m holding a contest, here is the info. . .can you help me pass it on?

1. Must be a Video Response to “Contest Video” (uploading on FRIDAY, April 4th.)
2. Must Create at least 1 new charm for this contest.
3. Contest is in 2 parts, PART 1: Random Draw to select 10 per category, PART 2: Winners of Each Category.
4. Say which categories you are entering, and which charms respectively. (More explanation below)
5. Background must say “Augustyne’s Wish.com”
6. Video must NOT be over 2 minutes long.
9. READ NOTE at bottom.
10. Contest is subject to change; Please ask questions/concerns.

1. Mail out a charm (optional only)
2. Create something that says “Augustyne” on it (I’d love to see what you guys come up with)
3. Help giving out prizes to other categories.

There are 4 CATEGORIES;
>Beginner; anyone just starting out and is showing progress, >Intermediate; is progressing rapidly,
>Advanced; You’re just a natural at this!,
>Professional; you’ve been working hard to become this good at working with polymer clay.

Must enter at least 10 charms that you think qualify for the category you’d like to be in.

You may enter ALL of the categories (there must be at least 2/3 charms in each category if you do so meaning a total of 10 but not 10 in each category) but you will be only selected ONCE for ONE category.

There will be 10 of you in each category. Total of 40 contestants, and 4 Winners. I will determine winners by selecting through a random draw of names.

The first part of the contest is to show how well you’re doing and what category you think that you deserve to belong in. The second half of the contest is to show that you’re really working hard on becoming a TOP crafter.

Beginner Prize:
-Promotion on my Facebook page (link below)
-1 item from my shop
-1 custom charm created by me or if someone else does the
3rd contest helper you can ask them.

Intermediate Prize:
-Promotion on Facebook Page & WordPress
-1 item from my shop
-2 custom charms (1 by me, and someone else/or just by me)

Advanced Prize:
-Promotion on Facebook, WordPress & Website
-1 item from my shop
-3 custom charms (by me, or others)

Professional Prize:
-Promotion everywhere!
-1 Item from my shop
-4 custom charms


Please Respond if you’d like to be entered. I’m limiting the contest down to 40 entrants. Thank you! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE ASK!

DEADLINE: August 4th. (my birthday!)
(If you DO use the contest helper of mailing out please mail out BEFORE this date. So, I can keep a straight record, also notify me so I can keep an eye out.)

-If you DO mail out, please use a tracking number because things do get lost in the mail. It has happened to me, and now I’ve learned my lesson. I recommend using USPS & getting the confirmation of delivery number, it’s fast and cheap!

-Contest Helpers WILL increase your chances of winning into a category but NOT winning the whole category.

How Do Contest Helpers work then?:
– For each contest helper I will put your name in twice. Meaning your name will be in the initial draw (1) and then if you do helper number one, (3x) and so on.

-Initial Video = Name once
-Mailing Out = Name three times
-Creating Augusytne & Mailing out = Name Five Times
-Initial Video + Mailing Out + Creating Augustyne + Donating Prize(s) = 7 times.

1st Drawing you can use all your “names” but the 2nd drawing will only contain half of what you have. Or vice versa, if you tell me otherwise BEFORE I do the draw. I will do the drawing on VIDEO as proof too.

“Like” my facebook page or get others to like it = 1 extra name

If you do NOT have facebook then leave a comment on my website in the forum. ^.^ (leave your Youtube Name) = 1 extra name

Do both= 2 extra names